Portland Workers Compensation Claims

Portland Workers Compensation Claims

Your employer is required to provide workers compensation insurance for their employees. This is to protect you from injuries and diseases caused by work. A list of common workers compensation claims:

Injury Examples

Disc herniation
Rotator cuff tear
Meniscus tear
Needle stick
Prosthesis damage

Occupational Disease Examples

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tennis/Golf Elbow (Epicondylitis)
Hearing Loss
Chemical Exposure
Trigger Finger

It is important to immediately notify your employer of your workers compensation injury. If you do not report your work injury within 90 days, you could lose your rights to file a claim. Your employer should provide you an 801 Form, which you both complete to initiate a workers compensation claim.

You can also file a workers comp claim by informing your medical provider that your condition occurred at work. The medical provider should assist you in the appropriate paperwork to file a claim (827 Form).

Portland Workers Compensation Claim DeniedIf you have a denied workers compensation claim, timing is crucial to file your appeal. If you do not timely appeal your denied claim, you may lose your day in court.  Miller Law will help you file the necessary paperwork to protect your rights for your Portland workers compensation claim.

Workers compensation law is complex and changes frequently (workers compensation flowchart).  It is important to have a lawyer who understands the work comp process, and will review, investigate, advise, and represent your interests to the insurance company or judge to get the medical care, compensation, and/or training you need.  Too often, injured workers attempt to represent themselves, and lose a legitimate workers compensation claim – only because they do not understand the system.  Do not let this happen to you.

If your workers compensation claim denial is overturned, your employer’s insurer pays the attorney fees and costs. Therefore, if we win, you are not responsible for attorney fees or expenses associated with your claim.  Let Miller Law’s experienced attorney work for you. If you suffered a work injury in Oregon, call for a free consultation of your Portland workers compensation claim. We care, and are dedicated to help you.